Huniflex Home

Huniflex is a startup to create prefabricated homes that are integrated digital services and eco-housing development.


House is a Gadget

Smart Home System and Built-in Eco Energy. Just buy and move wherever you want.

On Demand Housing

By the same home, the owner can move wherever (Huniflex Ecosystem) they want across the countries.

Big Data Integration

Integration between physical infrastructure (home, human, and housing) and digital infrastructure (app, digital services).

"Home is not a place, It's a feeling"



All of thing inside Huniflex

Mobile Homes

It can be moved by 4-wheels vehicle for travelling or just move the homes anywhere you want.

Smart IoT Devices

Providing Integrated Smart Devices with Wi-Fi Built-In. So, it can be controlled by Smartphone and work autonomously.

External Space

Additional tiny space (Working Space, Additional Bedroom, etc.) to add more space.

AI Home Assistant

AI Home Assistant can control the devices through voice commands and also it gives you suggestions for a better life.

Water and Energy Manager

Managing water and energy daily consumption for savings and decreasing the waste and carbon footprint.

Renewable Energy

Solar Panel and Wind Turbin for Electricities. Providing Power Storage for backup energy if needed.


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w Series

(1) Queen Bedroom.

(2) Working Space.

(2) Pop Up Table.

(3) Kitchen Set.

(4) Walk In Wardrobe

(4) Dresser.

Special Price (W Series):

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(5) Closet. (6) Rain Shower.

(A) Queen Bedroom.

(B) Storage Space.

(C) Refrigerator

(D) Microwave.

(E) Washing Machine.

Price included: Smart System, Main Furniture, TV, and Bed.

L Series

(F) Kitchen Set.

(G) Wastafel.

(H) Walk in Wardrobe.

(J) Dresser.

(K) Utility Space. (L) Door.

(M) Closet. (N) Rain Shower.

Price excluded: Solar Panel, Power Wall, External Space.

Ex/In Area= 17.4/ 15.8 m2

Ex/In Length = 7.2 / 6.8 m

Ex/In Width = 2.4 / 2.2 m

Ex/In Height = 2.7 / 2.3 m

Weight = 2.75 - 3.25 Ton

Capacity = 2 + 1 (child)

Special Price (L Series):

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timeless and happiness with huniflex

  • Housing
  • Communities
  • Digital Services
  • Sustainable Living
  • Big Data Dev.
  • Low Carbon
  • Integrated Public Transportation
  • Local Culture and Heritage
  • Deurbanization
Green Environment with Integrated Facilities
No more CO2's vehicles around the homes
Parking robot to moving the houses easily
Separate parking area with house clusters
Local cultural accent on many components


Cooming Soon

Get your freedom of life

With Huniflex

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