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Huniflex is a startup that provides movable modular houses with on-demand living and big-data integration. Our product, Huniflex Home is designed for freedom of living, while the Huniflex Ecosystem is developed for sustainable life-time living. We integrate between them by the Huniflex App with lots of living services. As our mission is to provide sustainable life through small space living.

Currently, we start our business ecosystem with Huniflex Homestay, a business model to introduce the concept of sustainable living of Huniflex through the hospitality sector.

Huniflex latest milestone & traction


INNOVATE 2030 - SDG 11

German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. Collaboration with UNFCCC. 2022


3rd Place of The Most Potential Energy Startup

Shell LiveWIRE Energy Solution by Shell Indonesia. 2021


Annual International Forum of Economic Development and Public Policy (AIFED)

Fiscal Policy Agency, Republic of Indonesia. 2021


Escalate : a Startup Accelerator for Transforming Smart City Vision into Reality

Prasetia Ventures and Sinarmas Land. 2021

We start with the problems of home building. Unhealthy, unattractive, & inflexible.

We start with the problems of home building. Unhealthy, unattractive, & inflexible. According to the Huniflex survey in 2022. 66.5% of youngsters in Indonesia have issues with their home buildings. For example, the uncomfortable interior of the home buildings, bad housing environment, and difficulty in installing smart-home systems. In addition, a location issue of the home building is the biggest objection for the youngsters to afford a house after a financial problem (58.7%).

At the same time, we are facing climate change and environmental crises. Home buildings should be able to adopt technology with ease, apply renewable energy systems, and support sustainable living.

While the youngsters' lifestyles are flexible, eco-friendly, & experience-oriented.

On the other hand, the youngsters nowadays have a contrary lifestyle to the current home building development, such as flexible, eco-friendly, and experience-oriented.

Because of that, most youngsters shift their mindset from asset-oriented to experience-oriented due to a flexible lifestyle. It also changes their decision to afford a house.

As a result, the supply and demand of the home buildings are mismatched. More than fifty thousand affordable home buildings in Indonesia have not been sold. In the competitive market era, home buildings should be redesigned based on the customers' needs.

Huniflex 3 key solutions for sustainable living.

Movable Modular House

Huniflex Home. We create a house like a gadget for your wonderful living experience. Downsizing the house will also decrease land use, carbon footprint, and energy consumption. Also, we separate the house from the land for freedom of living purpose.

On-Demand Living

Huniflex Ecosystem. We provide many places for parking the Huniflex Homes. You can choose or move anywhere and anytime within the Huniflex Ecosystem across Indonesia. Just subscribe, park, and enjoy your wonderful living experience.

Big Data Integration

Huniflex Super-App. We provide many living services to make sure your life with Huniflex is easy, safe, and sustainable. This app also integrates all the humans, homes, and housing within the Huniflex business ecosystem across Indonesia.

home is not a place, it's a feeling

- unknown -

Huniflex Home is a gadget that you can live in.

Livable Gadget

Huniflex Home is compact but still livable. Huniflex Home provides a smart home system. You can also personalize the interior style as you want. Don't worry! We design it with International Standard.

Modular Design

We provide many supporting products for Huniflex Home, so you can customize the interior furniture as your preference. We also provide External Space to add additional space separately as you need.

Built-in Eco Energy

We care about the environment. So, all the Huniflex Homes are designed to install solar panels & battery storage easily. Also, you can control and manage the daily usage of water and energy consumption.

Huniflex Ecosystem

Huniflex Ecosystem has a million wonderful experience.

On-Demand Living

You can choose or move as you need anywhere and anytime. We provide many places (Housing) across Indonesia for parking the Huniflex Homes. Just park it, and enjoy your wonderful living experience.

Culture-based Design

We implement the local culture, pattern, material, and ambient to the Huniflex Ecosystem environment design. So you can feel the different experiences in each of the Huniflex Ecosystem locations.

Living Services

We provide many living services to make sure your life with Huniflex is easy, safe, and sustainable, such as Investment, entertainment, health-care, shopping, insurance, job platform, and others.

Climate Change Action

for a better environment

Huniflex solutions for climate change action

Downsizing the House

Downsizing the house will also decrease land use, carbon footprint, waste, and energy consumption.

Built-in Eco Energy

Huniflex Home is designed to install a renewable energy system easily. It also can control the water and energy daily usage.

Integrated Greenery

We provide a greenery system that is integrated with Huniflex Home. So. you can start planting easily on Huniflex Home.

Culture-based Design

We implement the local culture, pattern, material, and ambient/ atmosphere to the environment design of Huniflex Ecosystem.

Durable X Sustainable

We use local materials for some interior furniture sets for sustainability. In addition, we use steel structure & insulated panel exterior for durability.

Low Emission Zone

We separate the housing environment from the parking area. We also provide small buses as public transportation to public spaces.

Huniflex Community

We provide communication channels for sharing with fellow residents inside Huniflex Ecosystem to achieve a resilient community.

Circular Economy

we recycle the household waste (plastics, home appliance products) to be a lot of interior furniture set models. We sell them to the Huniflex users.

Huniflex Homestay

where we start our business ecosystem

Huniflex Homestay is a small step to start our journey.

Little Huniflex

We develop the Huniflex Hotel to introduce the housing concept and living concept of the Huniflex. We develop the Huniflex Hotel also for sustainable living.

On-Demand Living

We provide 3 product lines of Huniflex Hotel. There are Huniflex Home, Huniflex Cabin, and Huniflex Motorhome. You can personalize the interior through the App.

Local Culture Vibes

We also develop various places to park the units across tourist destinations on Java Island. Of course, we build it by rising local culture and local environment.

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